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Organize an event or attend one!
Events are added upon approval. Click on the map and find the most interesting event to you.
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What’s The Maker week?

Cairo’s Maker week is the week prior to the Maker faire cairo big event, in which satellite events, sub
events, panel discussions, focus groups, workshops and meetups are taking place allover Egypt, for the
aim of spreading the maker movement initiative locally and internationally.
It’s an initiative organized by Fablab Egypt in collaboration with local and international partners that
aims to draw The Arab World and Egyptians to the “Maker Movement” .
Know more about Fab Lab Egypt here

Who Can Participate?

All the fablabs, makerspaces, hackerspaces, schools and university labs, research enters, startups, co-working spaces and all those entities that passionately work within the Makers’ World.

What Can You Do During the Makers’ Week?

The Makers’ Week will include a wide range of activities:

  • Workshops, hands-on activities and crash courses, etc..

  • Conferences and talks about innovative makers projects.

  • Makers exhibitions and performances.

  • Meetings with the business world to stimulate synergies between makers, craftsmen and industry.

  • Organizing a small or medium sized events integrating some or all of the above.

It’s now easier than ever to participate, follow the steps:

1. Choose a form of an activity to participate by ( Event, sub event, panel discussion, workshop, product launch, meetup, MEGA event ) .
2. Submit your event here ………….
3. Get the approval on the content.
4. Create the online event ( following Maker Week’s marketing guidelines ) and start the marketing campaign on your social media.
7. Visit us on the opening at FabLab Egypt.
8. Hold the event and document it.